Pursuit of Happiness

I saw this movie by Will Smith and think that every person should see it. The title is “Pursuit of Happiness”. It is real story and Will Smith is brilliant in his performance. It surpases anything he has done in the past. What is the story about? ; Well… see it yourself. I am certain you will love it and do bring a lot of tissues. You might just need it.

It is Chinese New year and I treasure the break I am going to have. For my friends; its time to be appreciative of life and be thankful for whatever we have. Especially to those who love us and they need to know that we love them too. Share the love and the world will be alot better off. Meanwhile have lots of fun.

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  1. Thanks for tipping us about this good movie! Having watched this heartfelt movie “Pursuit of Happiness” together with my son, it has donned on me that the key to happiness is not that complicated; it’s as simple as discovering a bondage building through learning a new skill or knowledge with my son. Well, thanks to my son, I learnt how to laugh over small little things.
    So when was the last time that we felt absolutely happy and content? Was it over a simple meal with our family, or the feelings of loving someone, being loved or just hearing a simple heartfelt “I Love U”, or may be a meaningful friendship you shared with someone? To some, it is the career advancement, to others it may be holidays, materials/wealth gained or accomplishing the long due studies and etc… If you remember those moments, BE Grateful and Thankful to God!
    And if you can’t recall much DO slow down and take time to recognize those priceless memories, begin by appreciating life more and making the best out of every situation. Happiness is often taken for granted. I shamefully admit that I once did… (How silly I was!) Ironically as I start to treasure every little moment of Joy, I begin to attract more happy moments…Is Great! Give it a shot.
    My greatest lesson learnt in the pursuit of happiness is to be happy without the things I shouldn’t have, can’t have or don’t have; instead enjoy and appreciate the things I already have and can have. Also to create long lasting happiness…Try giving a hand to others! Believe me! It’s another way of fulfillment or even making a move towards achieving absolute happiness.

    Live Life, Liven your Passion, Love People!!!
    A.Y. TAN

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