Mike Douglas on Family

I picked up a copy of Newsweek (Sept 17th issue) at the airport and as usual spend the time on the plane from Singapore to Malaysia reading …..and up pops this LOVELY article written by Mike Douglas. Yes Mike Douglas a.k.a Mr. Gordon Gecko from “Wall Street”
I think every father should read this.

Go to http://www.newsweek.com/id/40725

In this article, he talks about his challenges in balancing work and family in his early years. How in his first marriage, his work is his priority and hence missed out on the growing up of his children. His second marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones,25 years his junior gave him a second chance. At 65 he has two young kids ; a 4-year old daugther and a 7-year old son!
THe BIG change for him now is as he said ” My life is centered around my family’s schedule.”
WOW……that’s coming from a million dollar celebrity.
What is most interesting is the advise that his father, the equally well known Kirk Douglas gave him. Mike Douglas wrote; “He pointed toward Catherine and said, “When it’s all over, all you really have is your wife. You can dote on your kids all you want, but they’re going to grow up and leave you someday. Then it will be just the two of you.”

Food for thoughts.

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