Making Network Marketing works as easy as you breathe

Most people went into the network marketing opportunity because it promises the dream of a wonderful life and great wealth. Indeed it does. However this dream remains unfulfilled for many. Some might and will end up making good income but find that they have to work very hard and in some cases having to make sacrifices that they would rather not make; such as time away from the people they love.
There is nothing wrong with network marketing. It is amazing business model. What might have gone wrong is the way you go about doing it. I tell people that if you are going to enjoy this business which will give you financial success and a dream lifestyle, you have to make it works as easy as you breathe.
Do you have to wake up in the morning and remember to breathe? Obviously not.
The reason why net work marketing is challenging for many is because they ended up doing things that they have to push themselves to do. When net work marketing feels like work and what more, work that you don’t like to do; then it’s going to be a real drag.
So how do we make net work marketing as easy as you breathe? By doing the things you do naturally. Consider one of the most powerful form of “network marketing “which unfortunately nobody gets paid. This happens when you go to a movie and tell someone about it. We do that all the time. And the movie people laugh their way to the bank.But what will make you do that willingly even when you don’t get paid? First; you must like the ‘product’. Secondly you must really want to tell a FRIEND about something you like.
So the first part is to develop a passion for the products of the company. If you have it …talking about it is an easy as you…….
Secondly you need to tell friends about it. Well that is fine if you have a lot of friends to talk to about your products. What if you have limited number of friends? Well I would ask you to make more friends or treat everyone you talk to as a friend you have not yet made and make them into friends
But breathing must become so easy that it become s a habit. Likewise net work marketing MUST BE a habit in order to make it work easily for you.
‘So the first habit we must develop, if you want to succeed in this business is to ”make a new friend a day.” Yes, make a new friend EVERY DAY, and I tell the people that I coach in Tupperware, not to go home until you make that new friend.
I say “make a friend” not “make a sale” (which would be great but would change your approach entirely) and I am not asking to say hi to someone and then immediately start talking about Tupperware or ask if “You want to join Tupperware, ah?”. You will only end up frightening them away.
So if you make new friend a day how many will you have in a month? 25? 30?> Well how many of them do you need to recruit? All of them ……great but you really only need two. How you possibly not succeed when you have acquired the habit of “making a new friend a day?
So when will you start………….make it as easy as you breathe.

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