How to write messages to on line communities that will get you the response that you need.

One way for you to get connections and support for what you are working on is to write to relevant interest groups or online communities. You will realise how exciting it is to write a message and have lots of people respond to you. However you must know how to write it well (I am not talking about grammar or language proficiency).

Here are the rules that would guarantee you better results.

  1. Write to give not to get. You get better results if you attract people to what you have, rather to push things to others and try to get what you want.
  2. Be open, honest and don’t give the impression that you have something to hide. So give your full name and any other details that would be relevant to the recipient.
  3. Write to others with a respect for their intelligence. Some of the message I came across is so blatantly sleazy and treat your readers as if they are not able to see through what you are trying to do. You might as well be honest and you will get more respect.
  4. Write to explain and to give people a bigger picture not just to “get down to the business” mentality.

I believe this will help some of you. What is your experience with this?

5 thoughts on “How to write messages to on line communities that will get you the response that you need.”

  1. Hi KC!

    I personally think that “relationship marketing” is the way to go – there is so much hype and so many email promotions going around which I see are so obviously “copy and paste” promotions. Sometimes, its so bad that I doubt the sender of the email even bought the product himself/herself!

    The advantage of being is a community is that the people in the community are supposed to share real thoughts and experiences of a product or service – and the mode shouldn’t be as much “selling”, but more “sharing and recommending”.

  2. Content is the information available to visitors on the site. Many people – web experts as well as users – believe that on the Internet, ‘Content is King’. The very essence of Internet culture is the sharing of Information, traditionally freely and without charge. The notion of using the Internet to actually make money is a fairly recent development; albeit one that is rapidly revolutionizing the business world.

    Content is critical to your website’s success. People who come to your site expect to learn something or take away free information when they leave. The more free content you offer, the more likely they’ll visit again and again.

    Content is not terribly difficult to come by. You don’t have to write your own content or even post original material. For instance, if you are a therapist and have written self-help articles for local newspapers, scan these articles and post them in a ‘how-to articles library’ on your website. Almost all your print publications – everything from rotary club speeches to that unpublished book – can be recycled for the Web in this way.

    You can post content from other sources, often for free, simply by asking. Many authors will grant permission for you to post their articles on your website, in exchange for a link from the article to their own site. Most will even e-mail you the text as an electronic file upon request.

    Soon, other website owners will be calling or e-mailing you, asking to post your articles on their sites. If you hold the copyright, you should grant permission in exchange for a link to your site. You can generate lots of traffic and even sales at zero cost this way.

    Stuck for content? Here’s a secret very few people know. The U.S. government publishes tons of free information on all sorts of business and consumer topics, and almost none of it is copyrighted. You can just zip over to a website, such as ; find a report or booklet you like; and make this content available on your site to your visitors. They’ll appreciate it because they’d never find the information on their own. All that Uncle Sam asks in return is that you acknowledge the government as the source. Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,
    MK Chin (MBA) MM1105,
    Full time Internet Marketer,
    8123-8626 (Singapore).
    2 Havelock Road, Apollo Centre.
    Singapore 059763. (Clarke Quay MRT).

  3. KC,

    What you have written strikes me! I started writing a blog on my job and experiences in interior design and renovation. It was to build web presence and also because of my passion to share knowledge and educate people who are renovating houses for the first time. I had no one guidance on what to write or how to do it properly but I followed my heart to remain honest and write with the sole intention to provide education. Within the short timespan since Sept 07, our business has grown 500% and most clients engage us after reading the blog! After I read what you wrote today goes to confirm that I’m in the right direction. Thanks KC!

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