How do you know you learnt something?

I met Jean in Shanghaiacheter dulcolax. He is a French guy attending my Stand up and Speak program, done in house for a large multinational in China. Great responsive participant (although I don’t always understand what he is saying); the type that all trainers look for. He came to me at the end of the seminar to say thank you and told me that he has learnt a lot. Then he went on to say that he is very tired and that is good. I must have looked puzzled because he went on to explain that this is how he knows whether he learnt some thing. He knows it when he feels tired. That is perhaps one of the most interesting way of determining your ROI in training that I ever come across.

How do I know I learnt something? I know it when I could not wait to get back to the real world and put something into action. We all learnt differently and respond in so many different ways. But you really learnt nothing unless something changed. How do you know you learnt something?

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  1. we learn from the every moment, not merely through attending training classes, reading books, watching tv, listening radio…..we learn something even when we are talking to someone (we learn the communication skills), when we are driving (we learn where are the shortcuts & free parking space ^-^), when we are eating (we learn the table manners & which are the “rubbish” foods that make us fat!), when we are walking (we learn nice way of walking like the movie star, so cool! & how to carry our lady bag & umbrella!)….
    we learn from anytime, anyone, anywhere…as far as we live with HEART & appreciate everything happen to us….either good things or bad things, do not matters….it happens to help us to become better person, to gain greater achievement, & not to make the same mistakes….
    so when we know that we are handling situation better than yesterday, having a better relationship with a person than yesterday, make more money than yesterday, healthier than yesterday, WE HAD LEARNT SOMETHNG!!!
    Congratulation for being living with HEART…:)

  2. Hi KC,

    Thanks for sharing. I like the way you put it “you really learnt nothing unless something changed”. I fall into this catogery.

    Learn & forget is usually what keeps me staying in where I am. After MM1106, I still don’t see much progress in myself.

    However, after running through the materials of MM again, I finally realised that what I miss out all along is “What is your passion?”. A lot of people (including myself) went throught life without knowing what they love to do. After this realization, I’m now taking stock on the things I like to do & those I don’t (like what you always share with us). From there, I’ll be able to focus on what I like to do.

    Lastly, like to thank you for putting such a great program for the rest of us.

    To a passionate & successful life,
    Adrian Lee

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