About me

A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary, K.C. was trained in USA and Japan in Human Resource Development, Organization Development and Consultancy.

Regarded in the region as an expert in organizational development, he has carried out numerous improvement projects with many organizations in South East Asia with his unique brand of measuring ROI of such projects. He is also sought after as a strategist. He has carried out strategic consulting work for many organizations including some of the largest organization in the region.

K.C. is also a powerful speaker and trainer, having trained & mentored over 65,000 people since 1984. His work in training clients includes training design, formulating training strategies and training plans and carrying out customized training programs with an emphasis on measuring results.

He is certified as a licensed / approved trainer for many international training organizations. He is sought after as a speaker for numerous conventions and conferences both locally and internationally. He is featured in the book, The S-Files: a compilation of 20 Successful Malaysians as the Innovative Consultant. K.C. is also an author who has published four books, including Quest for Excellence and Leveraging Your Time To Create Wealth.

Nestle, Citibank, Ambank, PSMB, Maybank, Shell, Bank Rakyat, China Eastern, Eli Lillly are the few amongst the major clients trained by K.C.

THE QUEST GROUP, founded by K.C. See

The Quest Group has been established since 1984 and has enjoyed a leading position in the market place, covering the area of consulting, training, publishing and information technology, specialising in the field of Human Resource and Organisational Development. It has a proven record and a history of quality and reliability.


We are committed to providing Quality training and consulting services that cater to our client’s specific needs and thus, support their pursuit of Excellence in the management and development of human resources.

We back this commitment with the highest standards of Service, professionalism, expertise and up-to-date Technology.

We shall be a leader in our field and shall command a premium position in Asia-Pacific because we focus on delivering to our clients, valued results in terms of improved performance, productivity and profits.